Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements_6

Do you want to add color to your home’s interior? and if you have a collection of unused mismatched dinnerware sets, why don’t you use them as a wall decor?

Decorating with plates is an instant and eclectic way to add pattern, color, and to create a huge statement in your home’s interior without having to spend a lot of money, as long as you know the trick – or maybe you can ask a profesional interior to do that. You can draw your design or write something fitting on your dinner plates. Read more

Colorful Bathtubs for Master Bathroom


Colorful Bathtubs for Master Bathroom

We all know that bathroom is a room where you clean yourself up. However most people are spending more time in the bathroom as a place for relaxation and renewal, and the bathtub is a great place for it by lying on your back with your legs extended and feel the warmth of the water surrounding you.

If you’re to lazy to paint your wall and looking for a colorful bathtub to spice up your master bathroom, then you should check out these beautiful and unique bathtubs from Teuco, ZAD, and Zucchetti. Read more

Window Treatment Ideas with Bright Curtains and Drapes from Bluebellgray

The windows in your house play a critical role. Besides can enhance the look of your home, windows also can instantly create a connection between the interior and exterior, as well as provide your homes with light, warmth, and ventilation. That’s why before putting in the new window, please make sure that the windows reflect your home’s architectural style and what purpose your windows will serve.

When it comes to decorating, installing bright curtains or drapes can instantly bring beautiful window treatments into your home. Curtains or drapes also help turn down the sunglare reduction and UV protection, plus provide privacy when needed especially at night. Read more