Watercolor Vibrant Bedheads by Mexsii

Watercolor Vibrant Bedheads by Mexsii

These vibrant bedheads were designed by Sarah Falzon – a marketing expert – and Merryn Paul – a Product designer. Both are the co-creators of Mexsii. Tired with the same, old bed heads and wanted to create something different, they together came up with the ideas to create a bright, colorful bed head that beautifuly add color and fun to the bedrooms.

Mexsii uses sustainable raw materials such as reclaimed timber hardwood legs, environmentally sustainable foam, natural fibres. Their fabric designs are printed onto a linen canvas with non-toxic inks. All bedheads have been designed, printed and hand crafted in Melbourne, Australia.

Mexsii’s first collection is called the Wanderlust, which feature a series of color palettes and mood boards that they were inspired by. Mexsii also hasrecently launched Mexsii Kids collection, a range of four children’s bedheads for boys and girls.

Mexsii Bedheads are available in seven unique designs in both king and queen size.

Watercolor Vibrant Bedheads by Mexsii_1 Watercolor Vibrant Bedheads by Mexsii_2 Watercolor Vibrant Bedheads by Mexsii_3

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