Decorating Wall with Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements

Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements_6

Do you want to add color to your home’s interior? and if you have a collection of unused mismatched dinnerware sets, why don’t you use them as a wall decor?

Decorating with plates is an instant and eclectic way to add pattern, color, and to create a huge statement in your home’s interior without having to spend a lot of money, as long as you know the trick – or maybe you can ask a profesional interior to do that. You can draw your design or write something fitting on your dinner plates.

DIY: How to make Hanging Plate Wall Decor from unused Dinner Plates. Don’t worry about it, there’s a lot of tutorials out there, one of them is like in this video on youtube, here. Or you can just purchase plate wall hangers at hardware stores or amazon.

If you don’t have any unused plates, or you are too lazy and are not a creative person, then you can just buy decorative plates that available in various patterns, sizes, shapes, and colors. You can buy colorful dinnerware sets that can be transformed into a decorative platesĀ  from online stores or local thrift stores. Here are some pictures of colorful dinnerware sets.

Colorful Dinnerware Sets Macys Colorful Dinnerware Sets Macys_1 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Macys_2 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Macys_3 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Macys_4 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Macys_5 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Macys_6 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Macys_7 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Anthropologie Colorful Dinnerware Sets Anthropologie_1 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Anthropologie_2 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Anthropologie_3 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Anthropologie_4 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Anthropologie_5 Colorful Dinnerware Sets Anthropologie_6

buy from Macys and Anthropologie

How to Arrange Dinner Plates on Walls? Need inspiration? Here are stunning pictures of Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements.

Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements_1 Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements_2 Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements_3 Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements_4 Colorful Dinner Plate Wall Arrangements_5

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