Colorful Pendulum Wall Clocks


Minimalist Cuckoo Wall Clocks with Pendulum_4

A Wall clock is such a useful device to have in your home. Hanging a wall clock is one of easiest and inexpensive ways to enhance the decor of any room. It can fill an empty, plain wall or add beauty to a “crowded” wall. However, you’ll still need to choose the right wall clock with the right design and style that perfectly blends in with your room interior.

If you are looking for a pendulum wall clock, then you should check out these colorful pendulum wall clocks that not only show you the time but also spice up and add lots of glamour to your wall decor. Read more

Pizza Slice Pool Float for Summer

Summer is here, it is time to go outside to spend summer vacation together with family and friends, having fun and get happy times and good and warm sunshine.

When the temperatures soar, most people enjoyed going at the beach, lake or just lounging around in their inground pool in the backyard during their summer vacations. When it come to the water-vacation, then please don’t forget to wear your hot summer dress and bikini and bring your swimming pool toys, games and floats to make your summer-water-time become even more fun. Read more

Colorful Greeting Card of Original Watercolor Painting


Colorful Greeting Card of Original Watercolor Painting

Send these colorful greeting cards to your friends, love, family or your business partners. I know, with the continually growing popularity of the Internet and technology, e-greeting cards is cheaper and easier to send than paper greeting cards.  There’re thousands of e-greeting cards are sent every day, but for now (I don’t know what will happen next), the e-cards are still not replacing the traditional paper cards – only expanding it. E- card simply does not seem as personal as a paper card. Some people even think that paper cards are a special part of their holiday (especially christmas) and can show that “you care more”. Read more

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