Colorful Wall Units For Storage and Wall Decor


Colorful Wall Units For Effective Storage_11

Having small space will make you get creative with the space you have. If your horizontal space is limited, then it’s time for you to take advantage of your vertical space. But please make it right, since sometimes it will make your room looks much smaller. You have to be smart while designing the room’s vertical space and finding the right furniture. Read more

Spectacular Red and Black Kitchen From a Snaidero by Pininfarina

This spectacular kitchen project is called the the Ola 25 Limited Edition, designed by Pininfarina for Snaidero. It was made to celebrate 25 years of collaboration between Edi Snaidero and Paolo Pininfarina, the designer of Ferrari bodywork.

If you’re a Ferrari enthusiast, i’m pretty sure that you’re falling in love with the Ola 25 Kitchen that features an extra Black matt micalised lacquered finish borrowed from the auto industry, with metallic red 458 lacquered undertop profiles. The sculpture-like support of the peninsula worktop is made of  carbon fibre, has clear brush strokes of color. It also comes with a unique, limited edition plaque. Read more

Unique Colorful Hexagonal Wall Tiles by Form Us With Love

These colorful modular hexagonal eco-friendly wall tiles were designed by the Swedish design studio, Form Us With Love. The product is called Hexagon, and was fist introduced in public at the Stockholm Design Convention in 2011.

The Sweden-based studio has partnered with TRÄULLIT – the only manufacturer of wood wool cement board in Sweden – to create this hexagonal tiles, which are made of the perfect mixing of wood fibers, cement and water. The Wood fiber provides the product a heat-insulating, heat retaining and sound-absorbing properties, while the cement binder offers strength, moisture resistance and fire protection. Read more