Bright Patchwork Tile Backsplash Designs for Kitchen


Bright Patchwork Tile Backsplash Designs for Kitchen from Purpura

The main purpose of a backsplash in the kitchen used to be purely functional. It was intalled to offer protective shield over the wall from splatters, spills and sprays. That is why the backsplash’s material should be easy to clean and also low maintenance. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, and glass continue to be popular material for kitchen backsplashes due to their various benefits.

But today’s kitchen backsplashes are as decorative as they are functional. There are variety of materials and styles available out there. You can buy bright patchwork tiles for kitchen backsplash from the list below: Read more

Spectacular Red and Black Kitchen From a Snaidero by Pininfarina

This spectacular kitchen project is called the the Ola 25 Limited Edition, designed by Pininfarina for Snaidero. It was made to celebrate 25 years of collaboration between Edi Snaidero and Paolo Pininfarina, the designer of Ferrari bodywork.

If you’re a Ferrari enthusiast, i’m pretty sure that you’re falling in love with the Ola 25 Kitchen that features an extra Black matt micalised lacquered finish borrowed from the auto industry, with metallic red 458 lacquered undertop profiles. The sculpture-like support of the peninsula worktop is made of  carbon fibre, has clear brush strokes of color. It also comes with a unique, limited edition plaque. Read more

Galley Kitchen Designs for Small Apartment


Bright Galley Kitchen Designs
Galley kitchen designs are simple two-wall kitchen design which have no room for table or space for eating. The Galley kitchens line up appliances and cabinets on either side of a wall, with walking space between them. They are long and narrow, and usually smallish – just like the galley on a boat.

Your galley kitchen should offers an efficient work triangle for you, and also has good lighting, as well as incorporate smart storage solutions. Max length of a work zone in the- and width of galley kitchens should be 8 feet and 12 feet, respectively, and with a minimum width of 3 feet. Read more

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