Unique Indoor Plant Container Ideas


Unique Indoor Plant Container Ideas_1

Adding plants and flowers are easy ways to update the look of a space or home. If you want to plant indoor plants but have no idea to find the right container according to your home’s decor and budget – especially if your budget is limited – ? Then you should check these unique and colorful indoor plant container ideas that can add instant freshness, color and texture to any room in your home. Read more

Colorful Reading Nooks for Book Lovers


Colorful Reading Nooks for Book Lovers_6

Are you an avid reader? If so, then you may need to have a one room or at least one section of a room in your fantasy dream home as your reading area, a comfortable and cozy place to read you favorite books.

Some people would love to have a large space as their reading area, but some like a small relaxation space to sit than a larger play area that they’ll never use. If you’re the later, then you will definitely love these colorful reading nooks. Read more

Colorful Home Office Decor Ideas


Colorful Home Office Decor Ideas_2

Getting your home office to appear to be neat and tidy yet can help you to get and stay in the mood to do your homework can really be a challenge. Just like decoring your personal room such as bedroom, when decorating a workplace or home office room, the first thing you should do is identifying your personal style and what makes you feel calm and comfortable – in other word, just simply choose what you love -, so then you can choose what colors, theme, and furniture to be used to create your dream workplace. Read more

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