Galley Kitchen Designs for Small Apartment

Bright Galley Kitchen Designs
Galley kitchen designs are simple two-wall kitchen design which have no room for table or space for eating. The Galley kitchens line up appliances and cabinets on either side of a wall, with walking space between them. They are long and narrow, and usually smallish – just like the galley on a boat.

Your galley kitchen should offers an efficient work triangle for you, and also has good lighting, as well as incorporate smart storage solutions. Max length of a work zone in the- and width of galley kitchens should be 8 feet and 12 feet, respectively, and with a minimum width of 3 feet.

Check out kitchen layout for galley kitchen below:

Galley Kitchen Layout Galley Kitchen Layout_4 Galley Kitchen Layout_3 Galley Kitchen Layout_2 Galley Kitchen Layout_1

With this layout, Galley kitchens are suitable for small rectangular spaces, and almost can be found in small apartments, condos and cottages.

Check out some pictures of the Bright Galley Kitchen Designs below:

Bright Galley Kitchen Designs_1 Bright Galley Kitchen Designs_8 Bright Galley Kitchen Designs_7 Bright Galley Kitchen Designs_6 Bright Galley Kitchen Designs_5 Bright Galley Kitchen Designs_4 Bright Galley Kitchen Designs_3 Bright Galley Kitchen Designs_2

pictures sources: design-mattersinc, ikeafans

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