Colorful Pop Art Ray-Ban Rare Prints Ads


Pop Art Ray-Ban Rare Prints Ads

These colorful print ads were created by famous illustrators and graphic designers for Ray-Ban to promote Ray-Ban’s “Rare Prints” line, a special edition of its famous wayfarer frame.

Ray-Ban’s Rare Prints special series are extraordinary sunglasses. This special series collection combines colorful colors and innovative patterns with the original Wayfarer design. Read more

Colorful Cupcake Candles


Cupcake Candles

These colorful cupcake candles look so delicious and they also look good enough to eat. They look and smell like the real yummy fresh out of the oven cupcake, coming in a range of colors and add just the right fun and festive touch to any celebration. Read more

Colorful Electric Scooter


Colorful Electric Scooter_9
This unique suitcase-style bike from Boxx Corp is available in ten different colours finish and two seat trim options. It is powered by a battery and has a top speed of between 28 to 35mph. The battery range is 20 miles. Recharging the battery takes up to four hours.

The Boxx Electric Scooter prices start at $3,995. An optional battery to double the range and an optional faster charger (up to an hour) are also available (sold separately). Read more