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Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures by Horchow

The Dining Room is more than a place where you take your meals, but it is also a perfect place for gathering, social events, entertaining, laughter and enjoying good times. That’s why your dining room should be comfortable and inviting.

Designing your comfortable and inviting dining room can be fun, but also stressful at the same time. First, you should decide the theme, colors and the style you want for your dining room. Whether your style is modern with vibrant colors or traditional with natural colors, or even victorian, please be sure that your dining room fully represents your personality and delivers the desired atmosphere.

Second is about furniture. Choosing the right dining room furniture is crucial, your dining room furniture needs to be functional, aesthetic, timelessness, fit with the style of your dining room and suit your taste.

The last is lighting, which will illuminate your lovely dining room. Lighting can create a good dining atmosphere and enhances the beauty of your room as well. There are so many dining room light fixtures on the market today such as chandeliers, pendant lighting, ceiling mount lighting, wall sconces and island And billiard Lighting.

The most famous dining room light fixtures are chandelier and pendant lighting. They add beauty, elegance and style to a room.

The chandelier is one of dining room light fixtures which adds stunning ambiance and its beauty never fails to amaze us. There’re so many options of the chandelier, such as crystal chandeliers or Tiffany-style antique chandeliers. This light fixture is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a vintage lighting fixtures and want to add character, sophistication and luxury to their dining room. However, the dining room chandelier should works well with your dining room decor and also comes with the right size.

If you want to add more drama and a bold splash color to your room, you can install one of these colorful chandelier dining room light fixtures:

Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light FixturesColorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_14Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_1Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_2Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_3Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_4Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_5Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_6Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_7Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_8Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_8Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_10Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_12Colorful Chandelier Dining Room Light Fixtures_13

As mentioned above, the chandelier is a dining room light fixture which create instant wow factor, but if you only have a small dining room, the perdant lighting can be a good option. Like the chandelier, the pendant lighting is available in countless patterns, materials, styles and finishes, to suit your personal taste. The perdant lighting is less expensive and is a stylish alternative to the chandelier.

Here’re some pictures of custom pendant lighting for dining room with fun colors:

Pendant Lighting for Dining RoomPendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun ColorsPendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun Colors_2Pendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun Colors_3Pendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun Colors_4Pendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun Colors_5Pendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun Colors_6Pendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun Colors_7Pendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun Colors_8Pendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun Colors_9Pendant Lighting for Dining Room with Fun Colors_10

Whatever you choose, both of these decorative dining room light fixtures are an attractive and affordable ways to create a spectacular and warm dinig room. Since the chandelier and pendant lighting are designed to float in a room as an important part of the decor and also can play a large role in creating the mood, the height and size of the dining room light fixtures should be measured and matched with the size of your dining room table and the room itself. Too big light fixtures will overpower the space, while too small light fixture will not look good and look out of place. An elegant dining room chandelier or perdant lighting hung at just the right height. In most cases, the bottom of the dining room light fixture should hung between 30-inch and 32-inch above the surface of the dining room table.

Also remember, when choosing dining room lighting, please choose the light which is bright enough to illuminate a room and comfortable on the eyes. Your light fixtures also need a dimmer which allows homeowners to control the intensity of light. Too add more drama and add another flattering source of light to the room, you also can install wall sconces or other options include recessed or tract lighting above buffets or breakfronts.

If you’re still confused and looking for inspiration, you can see the perfect dining room lighting ideas from pictures below.

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