Colorful and Eco-Friendly Hotel in Paris France: HI-MATIC

Colorful and eco-friendly hotel HI Matic Hotel

Are you planning your next vacation in Paris?Maybe you would love to check in in this unique, colorful and eco-friendly hotel, The HI-Matic. Located in Paris and was designed by Matali Crasset in collaboration with Patrick Elouarghi and Philippe Chatelet, this hotel ” is not a budget or a low cost hotel”, It “will respond to a current need : a new type of hotel, practical and accessible, mixing codes of an urban hotel and country side bed and breakfast, with strong ecological values.”

The HI-Matic Hotel has 42 rooms located in the Bastille area, and each room offers a discrete and functional space that cares for any need: “the room in HIMATIC uses the codes of a cabana: functional yet fun, triggering childhood memories. The platform bed with a shape memory mattress is in the centre of the room to maximize its space using it as a large sofa during the day and in the evening enjoying a good night’s sleep” Boldly colored, yet cozy rooms have been painted with natural paints and outfitted with sustainable wood and rubber furniture and fixtures, to meet modern urban and comfortable country aesthetics.

The entire hotel is hooked up to one network, 100% internet based, where a unique code provided at the time of reservation gives access to the building and to computers where visitors check in, pay and receive their room key, all on their own. The hotel is environmentally friendly, the facade is covered in mineral organic paint, they only use recycled paper and recycle waste as well as use ecological cleaning products, organic restaurant, gardening products with no chemical fertilizers, the staff’s t-shirts are made out of organic cotton, and more.

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