portraits capture by Francoise Nielly

These supercool and colorful portraits capture from world-known French artist Francoise Nielly would be one of the bests wall hangings for your home interior. Francoise Nielly loves colors and contrasts, and mostly her paintings contain the entire palette of colors and shades. These portraits capture the beauty and emotion of a range of faces, showing the colorful variety of the human spirit. Francoise Nielly uses mainly a palette knife and oil paints to achieve the dramatic textures and bold line work that punctuates her portraits. Working on portraits, she usually takes black-and-white photos of her models, which are later used as the references for paintings. Read more

Interior Design Small Apartment with Lovely Soft Color_1

This interior design small apartment was designed by Astrid Sangil. This two small twin apartments (each of them with a living area of 20 square meters) comes with the beam and dropped ceiling that have been painted in an intense shade of green and the walls were painted in stark white. The apartment also features simple modern furniture for small apartments, including the sofa, dinning table, chair and cabinet. Read more

Colorful and Unique Lego Wall in A Cafe Boobah


Unique Lego Wall Cafe Boobah_1

This colorful and unique Lego Wall is found on some café which specifically designed for kids, their families and friends, the Café Boobah. This cafe consists of Lego boards covering the walls from floor to ceiling, allows kids to build with or against gravity. The flooring is colorful and soft enough, there’re also lots of large soft colored geometric shapes. With this concept, the adults can relax, while their kids are free to run around, plays and entertain themselves as they wish, so you can eat your light meal or drink a cup of coffee peacefully.

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