Fun and Colorful Loft Bed Ideas


Fun and Colorful Loft Bed Ideas_8

Having a small room doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun and comfortable bedroom. I can said that it may be a disadvantage on having a small room since there is a lesser space for you to design and it will be difficult for your to fit all of your furniture in a way that doesn’t seem crowded, but with the right organisational and design skills you shouldn’t have any problems to get a small, tidy and comfortable bedroom you dreamed about. Furthermore, a small bedroom so much easier to clean. Read more

Bed with Storage for Tiny Bedroom


Beds with Storage_2

These Beds with storage are ideal for small bedrooms, since it helps you utilise every inch of storage available.

As you can see, the storage beds pictured below have extra storage space under the bed that are perfect for hiding blankets, suitcases, shoes, all our spare bedding, or anything that you only use occasionally so everything stays clean and dust free. But if your room is really..really limited and you only have limited space around the bed, it is better for you to choose the ottoman beds rather than the beds that have drawers under them, since the ottoman beds open up. Read more

17 Simple and Colorful Design Ideas for Decorating Teenage Girls Bedrooms

Here’s a gallery of simple design ideas to make your teenage girl’s slumber zone dreamy and cozzy, after having a long day of school pressures.

It’s just right to design your teen’s bedroom the most comfortable way because teens require 9-10 hours sleep a night on average (even half of them are only getting less than 8 hours sleep a night) and we know that sleep is critical to good health and functioning. Moreover, bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but it also a place where you teens spend their time to read a book, study, etc. Read more

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