Mara Hoffman Swim Resort 2013 Collection


Mara Hoffman Swim Resort 2013 Collection

New York-based designer, Mara Hoffman, has revealed its new Resort 2013 collection, featuring Hoffman’s smart textile choices with bold graphic patterns.

Mara Hoffman creates a wide range of merchandise from ready-to-wear apparel to shoes. One of her bests is the swimwear, which accounts for more than 40 percent of her business at this point. From bikini to out-out monokinis, all of her swimwears for 2013 come with vibrant and kaleidoscopic patterns, making them a perfect match for the upcoming beach season. Read more

Floral Print Mini Prom Dresses


Colorful Floral Print Mini Prom Dresses by Alexander McQueen

Prom night’s a time to get dressed up! All teenagers, especially girls, want it to be a memorable night. So, it’s the perfect excuse to try some daring new styles.

For the girls, please find a suitable dress and know your body shape before purchasing it. If you have killer legs and love to show them off, i recomend you to wear mini dresses rather than long dresses. The mini dress is perfect for prom party since it has a youthful, carefree sensibility which appeals to many women. The mini dress shows a lot of skin and can even draw attention to your body. Read more

Classic Tribute to 4 Composers Timepiece from the Chagall et L’Opera de Paris

The Swiss manufacture of prestige watches Vacheron Constantin has created an 11-piece Chagall et L’Opera de Paris Tribute collection. Designed as part of the great reconstruction of the iconic opera house of Paris, Palais Garnier, each new timepiece features a stunning Marc Chagall’s – the famous Jewish Russian-French artist – painting on the center of the Palais Garnier Opera House ceiling.

Pictured above is the Tribute to 4 Composers from the Chagall et L’Opera de Paris, which is the 5th model of the 11-piece collection. It was inspired by a classic watch and features an artistic, colorful, round enamel dial that represent four legendary composers, including L. van Beethoven, Giuseppe Verdi, Christoph Willibald von Gluck and Georges Bizet, inserted in a 40mm yellow gold case. Read more