Colorful Bathtubs for Master Bathroom

Colorful Bathtubs for Master Bathroom

We all know that bathroom is a room where you clean yourself up. However most people are spending more time in the bathroom as a place for relaxation and renewal, and the bathtub is a great place for it by lying on your back with your legs extended and feel the warmth of the water surrounding you.

If you’re to lazy to paint your wall and looking for a colorful bathtub to spice up your master bathroom, then you should check out these beautiful and unique bathtubs from Teuco, ZAD, and Zucchetti.

Colorful Bathtub from Teuco

Colorful Bathtub from Teuco_1

Colorful Bathtub from Teuco_2

Called the Accademia, the bathtub collection is made from a Duralight material – a patented material, patented material, produced and processed entirely by Teuco-, and it won reddot award 2014. As you can see from the picture, the bathtub with dark blue and white strips is called the accademia gessato and the one with pop-art geometric stripes is called the accademia pop. These two colorful bathtubs are perfect for either old-school or modern Master Bathroom design idea. Also available in red.

Colorful Bathtub by Rossella Sblendorio for Zone of Design
This futuristic boat-shaped bathtub is designed by Rossella Sblendorio for Zone of Design Italy. It has clean, and minimalist design with unique shape which was inspired by an elegant wooden boat that Japanese restaurants use to serve sushi and sashimi. For material, it made from Adamantx, an innovative solid surface composite resin developed and produced in Italy. The bathtub from ZOD is available in red, black and white.

Colorful Bathtub by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
This Morphing free standing bathtub is design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. It embodies a blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics new materials and echoes of classic styles.


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