Colorful Japanese Kimono Wedding Dresses

Colorful Japanese Kimono Wedding Dresses

Japan actually has so many traditional clothing including fundoshi, furisode, hakama, obi (sashes), samue, sokutai, etc. However, when talking about traditional Japanese fashion, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Kimono.

Kimono which simply means ‘clothing’ in Japanese is the most famous form of traditional Japanese clothing worn by both men and women. There are many types and styles of kimono, each has a particular meaning and worn according to the persons age, marital status, and seasons, events or occasions. The kimono that is worn by men are much simpler than women’s kimonos.

Kimono can also be used as a wedding dress. A traditional white wedding kimono is called shiromuku, while a colored wedding kimono (worn during the reception) is called iro-uchikake.

The kimono now is not only famous in Japan, but also around the world. Now a lot of women dreams of having a “kimono wedding”, because its uniqueness and beauty. Hikifurisode is the most favored type of kimono wedding dress today, because it has colorful “works of art” designs and elegant silhouette which reachs down to the trailing hem. Nevertheless, now you easily find so many wonderful Modern Kimono Wedding Dresses out there, from traditional to modern, lace to silk.

Here’s a collection of colorful Kimono wedding dresses by Scene D’uno, which feature an incredible blend of Japanese and Western styles.

Colorful Japanese Kimono Wedding Dresses by Scene Duno Colorful Japanese Kimono Wedding Dresses by Scene Duno_1

But if you’re looking for a stunning traditional Kimono wedding dress, then you can visit ecruutsunomiya.

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