Colorful Pleated Skirt and How to Wear it

Colorful Pleated Skirt and How to Wear it

Pleated skirts are practical and flattering. The pleated skirt is available in different lengths – from mini to maxi -, styles – from stitched-down pleat skirt to knife pleat skirt-, colors – from black to bright – and fabrics – from denim to light, flowly fabric such as chiffon -, so you can wear it at different occasions and for different purposes.

There’re so many ways to a pleated skirt. You can mix and style it with different clothes, shoes and accessories to make a wardrobe essential that works as well as you do.

Pleated skirt with pastel color such as turquoise, pale pink, and yellow lemon are great for creating classy and romantic look. You are also allowed to do color blocking to create bold and fun outfits by wearing bright colored pleated skirts such as hot pink, red pleated skirt, green, orange and blue. Whatever color you choose, please pick the right one that works well with your body shape. For examples, the light, flowy pleated skirt is ideal for those who have curves, Knife pleat skirt perfect for bigger bums, while stitched-down pleat which lie flat at the top is ideal for a tummy.

Here’re some pictures of pleated skirts that work well with leather jacket, fitted sleeveless shirt, vintage lace top, floral printed top, etc, just take a look the pictures below to find the ideas on what to wear with your pleated skirt.

How to Wear Pleated Skirt How to Wear Pleated Skirt_16 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_15 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_14 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_13 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_12 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_11 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_10 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_9 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_8 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_7 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_6 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_5 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_4 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_3 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_2 How to Wear Pleated Skirt_1 Pleated Skirt With Leather Jacket Pleated Skirt With Sweater
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Looking for bright branded colored pleated skirts? Then check these out (left to right).

RALPH LAUREN Coastal Red Micro Pleated Chiffon Pipa SkirtPINK MEMORIES Pleated Maxi Skirtalice + olivia Shannon Pleated Maxi Skirt in Jungle FloralAnna Sui Multicolor Pleated Silk Skirt  Pleated Stretch wool-crepe SkirtMIU MIU Cotton-twill Pleated Mini Skirt   ETRO Printed and Pleated Stretch-crepe Wrap SkirtCHRISTOPHER KANE printed Pleated Skirt
RALPH LAUREN Coastal Red Micro Pleated Chiffon Pipa Skirt
PINK MEMORIES Pleated Maxi Skirt
alice + olivia Shannon Pleated Maxi Skirt in Jungle Floral
Anna Sui Multicolor Pleated Silk Skirt
Pleated Stretch wool-crepe Skirt
MIU MIU Cotton-twill Pleated Mini Skirt
ETRO Printed and Pleated Stretch-crepe Wrap Skirt
CHRISTOPHER KANE printed Pleated Skirt

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