Colorful Cupcake Candles

Cupcake Candles

These colorful cupcake candles look so delicious and they also look good enough to eat. They look and smell like the real yummy fresh out of the oven cupcake, coming in a range of colors and add just the right fun and festive touch to any celebration.

These unique candles can be a fun birthday candles and also make a great gift idea.

Cupcake Candles_1Cupcake Candles_2Cupcake Candles_3Cupcake Candles_4Cupcake Candles_5Cupcake Candles_6Cupcake Candles_7Cupcake Candles_8Cupcake Candles_9Cupcake Candles_10Cupcake Candles_11Cupcake Candles_12

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