Multi Colored Glass Vases

Multi Colored Glass Vases

Featuring a unique shape and fun colors, these multi colored glass vases can make a beautiful statement, a unique accent in your dining room, living room or any room. These colored glass vases not only support to the floral arrangement, but also enhance the natural beauty of the flowers. Or you can just placed these colorful glass vases on a table or cabinet as a standalone piece.

The multi colored Mosaic glass vase pictured above is covered in opaque glass tiles in a bunch of different bright colors that give an abstract design and will match any color scheme. The Mosaic glass vase is 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide at the opening and it’s 5 and a half inches wide at its widest point. Check it out here.

Here’re other pictures of the multi colored glass vases that are made with color pigments to create a more stunning piece of art, providing elegance to your lovely homes.

Multi Colored Glass Vases_1Multi Colored Glass Vases_2Multi Colored Glass Vases_3Multi Colored Glass Vases_4Multi Colored Glass Vases_5Multi Colored Glass Vases_6


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