Colorful RFID-friendly Pokitt wallet

Colorful RFID-friendly Pokitt wallet_6

Pokitt wallet is a revolutionary NEW concept in wallet design for Credit Card/Smart Card storage conceived around the idea of simplicity on-the-go. This ultra slimline Wallet is made from a soft & flexible Polymer material and contains room for only the bare essentials you need.

Pokitt wallet is not only soft and flexible, but with “Most major world cities use a Smart Card system to manage public transport payments. Pokitt is ideally suited for use with these systems & can be used without removing your travel card from Pokitt. All transport systems tested scanned through Pokitt faultlessly.”

Pokitt wallet is available for $24,90. Moreover, Pokitt’s flexible Polymer construction can be moulded in your exact company colours and Pokitt can be branded with your company logo. Check it out here.

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