Playful and Colorful Modular Seating Furniture for Children

Playful Modular Seating Furniture for Children


This playful, youthful and wonderful modular seating furniture is called the Fiore, by Arconas.

Captivatingly colorful and neatly designed in the shape of a flower, this modular seating furniture consist of a raised central hub and five movable petals. Fiore is a safe, bright and inviting place for children to gather and play. This modular seating furniture is ideal to be placed in hospitals, doctors’ offices, libraries, airport lounges, and even for your child’s bedroom or playroom. Fiore is a bouquet of brilliance that can be covered in any type of fabric, vinyl or leather.

You can visit Arconas’s site for further details of this “Fiore” Modular Seating Furniture.

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