Mara Hoffman Activewear with Vivid Pattern and Color


Mara Hoffman Activewear with Vivid Pattern and Color_6

Mara Hoffman loves to play with colors and mixture patterns. She is known for its bright swimwear and ready-to-wear line. Recently, the swimwear designer has launched its new activewear collection that includes cropped tops, leggings, sports bras, drop-crotch sweats, yoga mats, shorts, a sweat jumpsuit, drop-crotch sweats, and a cape, all of which features tribal, kaleidoscopic prints and mesmerizing patterns as the brand’s signature swimwear and ready-to-wear. Read more

Colorful Countertop Wash Basins Metamorfosi by Olympia Ceramica

These colorful countertop wash basins are from ‘Metamorfosi’ collection from Olympia Ceramica of Italy. Available in five different colors: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and White, and each color is available in five different shape options: round to rectangular, this countertop ceramic wash basin collection is perfect to add color and fun to your contemporary and classic bathrooms. Each color comes with black edge. Read more

Vintage Colored Gowns From Fadwa Baalbaki Spring 2015 Couture Red_1

These stunning colored gowns were designed by a Lebanese designer, Fadwa Baalbaki, for her Spring 2015 Couture Collection. With “femininity and classy elegance” permeate her work, every gown from Baalbaki will make you feel elegant and classy. They are made from the finest materials from tulle to organza silk, guipure and lace, and are tailored to ensure they fit like a glove. Read more