Cameron Blake Blue and Red Mother of the Groom Dresses

What color dress does the mother of the groom wear? How about blue or Red?

Both colors are okay. Confused to choose? How about you take a look at these stunning Mother of the Groom Dresses from Cameron Blake.

These beautiful mother of the groom dresses from Cameron Blake are designed for women of a mature age who loves fashion and style, yet demand grace in their wardrobes. Cameron Blake’s mothers collection is both classic and stylish, making it different from other mothers.

Basides makeup, how you dress is a look in the eye that comes with maturity. Cameron Blake’s mother of the groom dresses collection is avaialble in many different styles and options that can meet your body figure, from slim A-line gown to pant and skirt set, chiffon to taffeta, V-neckline to scoop-neckline. All of them can be wear for outdoor wedding. Read more

BB Dakota Bria Retro Stripe Mini Dress


BB Dakota Bria Retro Stripe Minidress

This Bria Stripe Mini Dress is perfect for a summer or spring day and will fit right in whether you are on the beach or just walking down the street with the girls. This pleated striped mini dress features a striped retro pattern in white, royal blue, brown, jade and tomato red, as well as it is finished with a flattering sweetheart neckline, a puckered bodice, and has a fit-and-flare silhouette which makes it look feminine. Read more

Colorful Japanese Kimono Wedding Dresses


Colorful Japanese Kimono Wedding Dresses

Japan actually has so many traditional clothing including fundoshi, furisode, hakama, obi (sashes), samue, sokutai, etc. However, when talking about traditional Japanese fashion, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Kimono.

Kimono which simply means ‘clothing’ in Japanese is the most famous form of traditional Japanese clothing worn by both men and women. There are many types and styles of kimono, each has a particular meaning and worn according to the persons age, marital status, and seasons, events or occasions. The kimono that is worn by men are much simpler than women’s kimonos. Read more