Cubical Cottage with Red Exterior Color

Cubical Cottage with Red Exterior Color

This modern, minimalist cottage was designed by Swedish architects tham & videgard. As you can see from the pictures, from the outside the cottage looks like an easy-to-build box, but there is a lot of hard work and hard thinking behind it.

First of all, Sweden’s most popular property site, Hemnet, has asked tham & videgard to create Sweden’s statistically most sought after home. The Swedish architects had analysed over 200 million clicks and 86,000 residences on Hemnet’s website to get the statistical data before they came up with this Cubical Cottage called the Hemnet Home.

The Hemnet Home is in short based on the two most-searched for archetypes – a red cottage and a white functionalist box. The entire design is based on “the Hemnet users gave an average value that determined the measurable properties of the home including size, price, number of rooms, bathrooms and floors”.

Its facade is made of standard wooden boarding mounted on a curved nailing batten and the cottage’s exterios is painted in traditional falu red. Meanwhile inside is dominated by White color. The cottage also has generously sized windows, a balcony, and an open kitchen that features classic cottage style with glass door cabinets and vintage stove.

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