Coolest Mini Husky Retro Refrigerators

Coolest Mini Husky Retro Refrigerators

Are you looking for a compact refrigerator that offers a small space to store your cold drinks and food, then you should check these Husky mini retro refrigerators that are not only great for home and apartments with limited space – or even for your tiny bedroom – but also can add beauty to your room.

This coolest undercounter household retro fridge has a 50’s inspired design that is sure to be focal point in any room. Each Husky retro refrigerator is manufactured with high performance raw materials. It features a retro style curved reversible door and cabinet, two-and-a-half tempered glass shelves with a shimmering silver trim, adjustable thermostat, salad crisper drawer, spacious door storage, and a chrome shelfhanging wine rack.

It has a capacity of 115 litres, with temperature range 0-10°C. The Mini Husky Retro Refrigerator is available in four colors: Piano Black, Radiant Red, Vintage Ivory, and Glacier White.

Mini Husky Retro Refrigerator Radiant Red Mini Husky Retro Refrigerator Piano Black Mini Husky Retro Refrigerator Glacier White Mini Husky Retro Refrigerator Vintage Ivory Coolest Mini Husky Retro Refrigerators_1

Or maybe you want to check out the countertop fridges from Husky that come in fun and fun colors.

Husky Mini Countertop Fridge London Husky Mini Countertop Fridge London_1 Husky Mini Countertop Fridge Union Flag Husky Mini Countertop Fridge Carlsberg Husky Mini Countertop Fridge Red White Polkadot Husky Mini Countertop Fridge White Colorful Polkadot Husky Mini Countertop Fridge Coca Cola Husky Mini Countertop Fridge Becks Husky Mini Countertop Fridge Liverpool


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