Practical, Creative, Decorative Pegboard Ideas


Practical, Creative, Decorative Pegboard Ideas for Bedroom

There are so many ways to make your walls look more exciting. Most people choose to paint their walls to change the look and freshen up their place, but some prefer wallpapers to reinvent their place. Both have plus and minus, it depends on your purpose and personality.

But if you want to try something else, then why don’t you try a pegboard wall one instead. What is a pegboard? A Pegboard is pre-drilled hardboard with evenly spaced holes that often used as an organizational grid for tools, materials and other supplies. That’s why this wall surface is usually installed on garage walls. Read more

Watercolor Vibrant Bedheads by Mexsii


Watercolor Vibrant Bedheads by Mexsii

These vibrant bedheads were designed by Sarah Falzon – a marketing expert – and Merryn Paul – a Product designer. Both are the co-creators of Mexsii. Tired with the same, old bed heads and wanted to create something different, they together came up with the ideas to create a bright, colorful bed head that beautifuly add color and fun to the bedrooms.

Mexsii uses sustainable raw materials such as reclaimed timber hardwood legs, environmentally sustainable foam, natural fibres. Their fabric designs are printed onto a linen canvas with non-toxic inks. All bedheads have been designed, printed and hand crafted in Melbourne, Australia. Read more

Stay Warm and Funky with Caroline Kaufman’s Collections


Stay Warm and Funky with Caroline Kaufman's Collections

Caroline Kaufman knows how to make you stay warm and be fashionable.

Don’t let your desire to stay warm hinder your style choices. These knit sweaters, socks, scarfs from Caroline Kaufman Studio will keep you warm, comfortable, and looking stylish -thanks to its funky designs and colors.

Take a look at Kaufman‘s work here: Read more

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